A Book About Me - Baby Record Book Dots Design

A Book About Me - Baby Record Book Dots Design

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Record every priceless (and amusing) memory and milestone with this stylish, practical and easy to use baby book! A future heirloom in the making, it’s an ideal newborn gift that will be treasured over a lifetime.

The first five years are busy, chaotic… and also fun! We know how hard it is to find time to record all those early milestones, stories and achievements, but A Book About Me has everything you need to help you out: Cute, practical and often amusing prompts, from first tooth and steps to first paintings, pets and haircut, as well as an ‘Unforgettable Moments’ page to record the funnier side of parenting.

  • Customise your book to reflect your journey by removing and rearrange the pages with the unique loose-leaf format, so you can Include optional pages about pregnancy, fertility treatments and adoption, Christenings or naming days.
  • Clear pocket allows you to store pens, clippings and photos for recording later, or keep items that are too precious to glue.

This book also…

  • Contains no photoshopped and over-styled baby photos (because it’s just about your child)
  • Is gender-neutral and stylish enough not to embarrass them later (although the things you write down might!)
  • Includes space for both mum’s and dad’s experience (because fathers are important too)
  • Lets you record the thoughts of a modern extended family (rather than just four grandparents)
  • You never need to feel guilty about forgetting when they got the last 18 teeth (because you can just take that page out) 
  • Records from pre-birth to five years
  • Special pages for every thinkable special occasion
  • Hardback – 56 pages, designed in Australia

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