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Milkbar Nursing Pillow - Pink/Sand

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The Milkbar Nursing Pillow is a new Mum's new best friend. This nursing pillow is the perfect shape & thickness, with just the right amount of firmness to breast or bottle feed your baby. 

  • Take the neck, back and arm strain out of breast and bottle feeding.
  • supports baby's weight while feeding, reducing neck, back and arm strain
  • elevates baby's head to a comfortable level for feeding and aids digestion
  • allows baby to be nursed on either side
  • maximises both baby's and mother's comfort
  • adapts to all waist and chair shapes
  • helps protect delicate abdominal area after Caesarean Section deliveries
  • has a convenient carry handle.

The Milkbar Nursing Pillow is...

  • Fully washable with 100% cotton removable cover
  • Made from all new polyester filling that is washable; non-allergenic and odourless
  • Compact, portable and descreet
  • 100% Australian owned and Australian made
  • Australian designed by a mother of two children
  • Great as a pregnancy support pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow
  • Size: Approx 60cm long, 12cm high, 16-20cm wide

How The Milkbar® came to be... "Like many new Mums, I found feeding my first baby not as easy as I had hoped. My desire to feed my baby and the need to find an easier, more comfortable way to feed, led me to develop The Milkbar® nursing pillow. The Milkbar® nursing pillow helps make feeding your baby an enjoyable and rewarding experience." Kylie Robinson, creator of The Milkbar®

Note: The Milkbar® nursing pillow should only be used while in a sitting position, holding your baby at all times.

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Customer ratings for this product

Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 4.5
Ok (5/07/2014)
Unfortunately I found it too high and I am reasonably tall, but after using it as a nap pillow for a few weeks its a little better... but now im more confident feeding I hardly ever use it. And the zip is on the inside of pillow where your baby is rather then the outside? Perhaps going for looks over comfort.
Highly rated practical gift (28/05/2014)
I bought this as a git for a friend and she was over the moon. Her newborn was about 1 week old and she already feeling discomfort in her neck and shoulders from breastfeeding. She unwrapped it as soon as it was delivered and put it to good use. And in her's amazing!
Absolutely fantastic. Very practical and easy to use. Makes breast feeding so much more comfortable for me and my baby! (25/11/2012)
I love the milkbar pillow. The shape contours the body and even with a refluxy baby who needs to feed upright it provides just the right level of support. It's comfortable for mum and baby. The cover comes off really easily also for washing.
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