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Sleep Trainer Clock - Momo Monkey

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This unique and cute Sleep Trainer shows, in an intuitive way, when your child is allowed to get out of bed or still needs to catch some sleep: Eyes Closed: "I should be sleeping", Eyes Open: "Rise and shine!"


  • Analogue & Digital clock
  • Opening/closing eyes at your preferred time
  • Jungle alarm sound, with adjustable volume (can switch off completely)
  • Nightlight, automatically shuts down after 30 seconds
  • Requires 3 x LR06 AA (quality i.e. Energiser) Batteries - Not included

How does it work?

At bedtime, show your child that Momo is going to sleep. With one push on the button you close Momo's eyes. You whisper: "Shh, Momo is sleeping. Be quiet now otherwise you wake him up." Then you explain that as long as Momo is sleeping your child needs to stay quiet and try to catch some more sleep. Only when Momo opens his eyes, it is time to wake up!



Customer ratings for this product

Number of ratings: 11
Average rating: 4.8
Highly recommended (7/10/2013)
The first night my son said goodnight to 'Momo' and only woke when 'Momo' opened his eyes, lit up and sang a song the next morning. The following morning he slept right through it. Not only does my son love it but the whole family thinks its great.
excellent for keeping kids in their room (20/08/2013)
great experience - kids stay in bed until Momo opens his eyes
Fantastic (20/11/2012)
My almost 3 year old loves it and got the hang of it from day 1. Just need to note that the batteries need to be good quality to ensure efficient working.
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