Weaning Babies

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Weaning Babies

At around 6 months of age, babies are no longer satisfied with breast/formula milk alone. You may find bubba staring at you when you are eating and reaching out for food to put in their mouth.

Both my kids started when they were 6 months of age and the good ol' rice cereal was their first solid. This was then followed by rice cereal mixed with banana, cooked fruit and then more exciting dishes. 

I am sure many of us thinks starting solid is such an exciting phase. It absolutely is, but at the same time can be time consuming as babies only started with a very small quantities. It makes sense to make the food in bulk and freeze for future meal. I found my eldest did not mind having the same meal a few times in the row (he still doesn't!) but my youngest wasn't so keen on having the same meal over and over again. 

Below are a few of my faves for freezing baby meal:

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray

The OXO tot baby food freezer tray is excellent to freeze baby food when they just first started solid. Each cavity is small and comes with a lid so that there is no freezer smell. They are also stackable in the freezer!


OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Box

As bub 's appetite grow, you'll need a larger quantity of solid and OXO tot baby blocks freezer box is great for this as it can be use to store, freeze, reheat and directly serve to bub. The OXO Tot Baby Blocks freezer containers come in 60ml and 120ml size and is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. It is also leakproof!



Littlelock Glass Food Containers

If you prefer glass version of containers which you can store, freeze, reheat and serve bubba's food, the Littlelock containers are perfect for this. It is available in 120ml and 210ml size and comes in pack of 3.


Wean Meister Freezer Pods

One of the most popular products for weaning is the Wean Meister freezer pods. It is made from a flexible and durable silicone and food comes out easily with an easy push. The  freezer pod each has 9 cavity of 75ml. They are easy to clean and also comes with a lid to prevent freezer smell seeping through baby's food. No longer need it for freezing solid? Don't throw your freezer pods away! You can use them to bake mini muffins and to make healthy ice blocks. We still use ours to date. Gotta love products that are long lasting and multi functional.


At  what age did your little one start solid? Did they like solids straight away? (Mine spat out their rice cereal when they first tasted them hahahaha...). Also how long until your child ate the same food with the rest of the family? My eldest had his own food until he was over 1 year of age but my youngest insisted that she had the same food with the rest of the family when she was 10 months old (by pointing at our food and shaking her head when offered her own!).



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