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Baby Origami Doublewrap

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Baby Origami provide a simple solution that unlocks the mystery of wrapping your baby for sleep.

The Doublewrap was invented with an easy to follow code - to help new and often tired parents and carers wrap a baby consistently as a signal for sleep. The baby should then sleep comfortably on their back with no fabric around their head or face, the preferred sleeping position advised by SIDS and Kids.

The wrap is made of 100% cotton knit so it has stretch that allows it to comfortably mould to the baby's shape. It is wide and has an inner layer that helps it stay wrapped throughout the sleep period, and reduces the chance of the startle reflex from waking the baby.

  • Available in white only.
  • The 100% cotton knit is breathable and comfortable.
  • The outer layer is a decorative herringbone knit and the inner layer a combed cotton interlock.
  • The edging is also made from 100% combed cotton so it is soft and won't irritate baby's delicate skin.
  • The flocked transfer numbers are soft and permanently fixed to feel like part of the fabric.
  • The overall size of the wrap is 140cm wide by 60cm long it should comfortably fit most babies from birth up to the age of 4 to 6 months.
  • The Doublewrap is free from fittings and fixtures that could cause discomfort or make washing difficult.
  • Save $5 off the RRP when you buy two Baby Origami Doublewraps.

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Average rating: 4.9
Fantastic! (16/08/2013)
My daughter doesn't love to be swaddled in general and especially in ridged fabrics and generally manages to free her arms, but this swaddle is great because the inner wrap is stretchy and still allows her to wriggle and the outer wrap keeps her well cocooned!! Wish I had bought one of these sooner!!
A life saver! (9/08/2013)
This is the second time l have brought this as a gift. The first friend l brought it for couldn't thank me enough for the sleep filled nights she got so l figured it was a winner and brought them again for another good friend who has shared the same thoughts. The fact that its so easy to do, was an absolute bonus for her particularly as she is new mum. Would highly recommend, feedback also was they washed well too. Will defiantly buy again in the future.
Definately Recommend (25/08/2012)
Highly recommend - wish I had it from day one. My son was a terrible sleeper and no amount of wrapping seemed to work. Once I bought origami wrap and used that he was much better.
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