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Brother Max Weaning Pots - 1st Stage

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Because you have better things to do than washing up, the Brother Max portioner is made up of individual pots that click together - un-click a pot from a batch in the freezer, defrost in microwave, serve food straight from the pot and then throw in the dishwasher.

Brother Max know it's easier to pour purée food straight from the pan. These pots click snugly together so there are no gaps for food to drop in to, and their lids stay open so they won't get in the way (ensure the snuggest fit by squeezing the pots together from the inside with your thumb and forefinger).

 To transfer the frozen purée into a bowl, just push the base with your thumb and it pops out easily. They have even included a pen for writing contents straight onto each pot.


  • Fill straight from the pan - save time, less mess
  • Individual pots click together for easy filling and storage
  • Feed baby direct from the pots or pop into a bowl
  • Safe to go straight from freezer into microwave
  • Special pen included for writing contents on pots
  • BpA- free, Phthalate-free and PVC free
  • Dishwasher & steam sterilister friendly
  • Size: Each pot is 40ml. Pack contains 6 pots.



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Best buy! (15/07/2012)
I absolutely love the versatility and creativity of this product. It is so well designed and durable (dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe) and the portion sizes are just perfect. There are 2 sizes, the 1st and 2nd stage ones. I used both of them since my son was born. He is now 16months and I am still using them for his food storage. They are also excellent for the on the go mum, I travel allot and ALWAYS use these containers to transport my baby's food. I am glad there are products on the market that can accommodate different lifestyles of parents. Also well done to urbanbaby for stocking them at such an excellent price!! Prompt and professional service, and great prices, i will definitely be coming back to shop here!
brilliant (7/06/2012)
First time mum, first time everything. Often feel lost about how many layers my baby girl should have on, how much sleep, how much milk and now how much solid food. Brother Max weaning 1st stage pots are a relief. Not only are they cute, they are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Usually I can only find BPA free baby products in Australia. What's more it's measured per cube per serving. At least I know how many servings she's having. A big weight off my shoulders. Great product. Although sometimes tricky to open once frozen I still highly recommend, especially to new mums.
Very handy (1/04/2012)
These are so handy for storing foods and breastmilk when first starting solids. Just the right size so you dont have to waste food!! And the fact that you can write on them is an added bonus. Highly recommend these to any parent and once they are too small to hold a meal they will be great snack storage holder too!!!
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