Bumbo Multi Seat - Grey

Bumbo Multi Seat - Grey

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The Bumbo Multi Chair has 3 different stages of support to accomodate baby's growth. It can be used when bub can sit unassisted at approximately 6 month of age up to 36 months of age. Great, portable and compact alternative to high chair!

The Multi Chair contoured shape is comfortable for for babies. It can be used as floor seat, or sitting atop a chair to mimic high chair. The retractable chair straps securely attach Bumbo multi seat to the chair to prevent slipping. The safety belt keeps baby fastened to prevent falling.

The chair also comes with removable tray that when not used can be stored away nicely behind the seat. The foam pad can be removed when not used and can be stored neatly under the chair. Clever! No more missing parts.

Retractable chair straps allow baby to join the rest of the family at the kitchen table, while the height-adjustable base and removable, foam cushioning allows the Multi Seat to grow with your child.

This booster seat neatly and easily positions your toddler at the right height with a 7cm cushioned seat complete with flexible yet strong backrest. Children are supported safely, allowing them to be placed at the front edge of any chair leaving their little legs to dangle without hazard and with comfort utilising the cushion’s rounded and padded front edge. The cushion is not only easy-to-use and clean (made from soft skin urethane) but lifts out easily after those times when your toddler enjoys their food a little too much! The Booster backrest locks into place yet collapses in an instant with the push of a button. Folding into compact size with an easy-carry handle, the OXO Tot Booster Seat for Big Kids fits easily into your child’s playdate bag or snugly into the boot of the car. Ideal for that impromptu restaurant or cafe visit!  

  • Suitable babies who can sit unassisted (6 months) and toddlers (up to 36 months of age)
  • Three stages of support to accomodate growing babies
  • Includes removable tray which can be stored behind the chair when not used
  • Removable foam pad which can be neatly stored under the chair when not in use
  • Height adjustable base 
  • Retractable chair straps to secure Multi Chair when placed on a chair, one set to secure against the back of chair, and another set to secure to the seating part of the chair
  • Safety strap safely keeps bub secured in chair
  • Suitable for child with max weight of 15kg

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