Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Ultimate Wipes Warmer

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You'll be surprised what a difference this baby wipes warmer will make to nappy changing time. With no more jolts from the shock of a cold wipe on their soft bottom, it will keep baby warm and comfortable during those frequent (oh, so frequent...) changes.

This is the only warmer that will not brown and dry out wipes, and it keeps them fresh and germ-free with an anti-microbial moisture retention barrier. A specially designed micropore pillow fits between the heat source and wipes, keeping wipes moist and fresh! Replace Ever-Fresh every three months to keep wipes moist and fresh.

It's easy to use ? simply lift the lid, drop in some wipes, and plug it into any standard wall outlet.

  • Low-voltage heating system maintains safe temperature
  • Holds 80-100 wipes
  • Pop-up lid for quick, one-handed dispensing
  • Two sections, so you can warm both pop-up and regular wipe
  • Includes a night-light to make those middle-of-the-night changes easy
  • Large tub holds all standard refill packs and all brands
  • Includes one Ever-Fresh Pad (Last for 3 months)
  • Ever-Fresh Pad replacements available in packs of two


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