Customer ratings for Foogo & Funtainer Replacement Straw (Single Parts)

Foogo & Funtainer Replacement Straw (Single Parts)
$1.00 / item

Single Replacement Mouthpieces & Straws to suit Thermos Foogo & Funtainer Straw Bottles

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Number of ratings: 45
Average rating: 4.7
I can't stand it when the plastic parts get mouldy no matter how much you clean them with a mini straw brush cleaner, it drives me mad so i have these replacement straws on hand so my kids aren't drinking down spores from the mould... yuck.

great product!
Stock up on the mouthpieces
My kids have a bit of chewing them, that's why I need to replace it after every 4-5 months.

Other than that its a good product and it fits well with my Thermos. It's reasonably priced as well in urbanbaby
Very useful
These straws do last a lot longer if they are washed every time they are used. My kids seem to chew on them so the only reason they needed replacing was because it had been chewed. It's so great that I can just purchase the replacement mouth piece without having to buy the straw as well.
Excellent customer service. Product arrived as described. Drink bottles are awesome and the replacements allow us to keep using them.
Excellent product, and so helpful to be able to buy spare parts
We have found the Foogo drink bottles to be an excellent product, and being able to buy replacement parts for the mouthpiece and straw has meant these have lasted 3 years already.
Excellent customer service from Urbanbaby with local pick up available and no problem exchanging the mouthpiece when I discovered I'd purchased the wrong type.
Exactly what I was looking for!
Been looking everywhere for this parts/item! Thankfully I found it on your site with all the selections! UrbanBaby were the ONLY website that has a photo showing all the different sizes of the mouthpieces! Thumbs up for that! Now I know where to go next time when I need this and I've already shared this site with all my friends and family!
Just the item I needed. Great information on website to help with correct selection of mouthpiece & fast delivery.
fabulous! makes the drink bottles last forever!
My boys love their new straws and mouthpieces..."water tastes fresh again, mum". At such a low price the boys now have new water bottles. The service at urban baby was unbelievable, the lady on the phone even offered to meet me outside shop to give me my order as parking is difficult! Excellent product and service!
It is excellent.
The funtainer is always a winner as I find that it is the only bottle that can hold cold drinks for a long while especially during summer.
Though you ran out of stock (which is a little disappointing), but customer service is fast!
As expected
Needed a new mouthpiece for thermos foogo bottle and was the perfect fit. Urbanbaby were awesome. Had the product in my hands within days of ordering
Excellent product and service
Hassle free purchase of an item I have been meaning to purchase for some time. Prompt delivery got my families Foogo drinkbottle back in action just in time for summer. Great product, I 'll be back for more so keep them in stock. Awesome online buying experience.
So glad I found this website. Postage was quick and we got exactly what we were looking for, even cheaper than Ebay. Thank you!
Excellent. Perfect fit
No point buying a stainless drink bootle from Thermos if you can't replace the top parts. Toddler teeth take their toll and you can only keep cleaning the mouthpieces for so long before they ar ebetond hygiene. These parts fit perfetcly, follow the guide to get your correct set and you'll have an almost brand new Thermos drink bottle!
Good quality.
Its great to be able to buy replacement straws for this thermos drink-bottle. Its much cheaper than replacing the entire bottle and better for the environment too! The straws last for at least a year or two, depending how 'chewy' your child gets!
fab to be able to buy replacement straws online - even better to be able to buy online and collect in Sydney for free (otherwise not worthwhile). Totally genius to be able to collect outside office hours from David's Cellars - Thank you!! So convenient.
Perfect replacement for my kids drink bottles
After a while the straws need replacing (especially if your little one chews on them). Great replacement product. These are so hard to find at a reasonable price and they had them immediately available. Will be coming back to Urban Baby for more in the future if needed - super quick postage!
Exactly what I needed
Very happy to have found a supplier who stocks this part and has it actually in stock too. Very pleased with product performance.
Accurate description.
Those bottles are ones of the best on the market ( sturdy, stainless steel)
Because replacing part is made easy - therefore keeping the bottle for years is easy too!
Great product, would recommend to anyone.
Fast delivery although delivery fees are a bit high I though.
Perfect replacement part, easy to change over.
My grandmother couldn't get the straw tip of her bottle clean any longer and didn't want to have to replace the $28 bottle so I sourced a replacement straw and it was easy to change over for a very small cost and she was very happy. Quick postage was handy too.
they do go mouldy after a while but happy to know I could get a replacement!
Perfect - exactly what I needed, well priced, super quick delivery & so easy to source on UrbanBaby!
I purchased our families Foogo drink bottles a few years ago & they have been very well used. It came time to replace the straws & mouthpieces - this was so quick & easy with UrbanBaby stocking exactly what I needed. Thank you!
This is the second time I have purchased the replacement mouthpieces and straws for this bottle. They last up to a year with general cleaning, but worth it as the bottle is so sturdy.
My recent purchase for replacement mouthpiece to suit Thermos Foogo Straw Bottle was very easy. As there are several different types UrbanBaby website was very well set out with excellent discriptions for you to work out which type you need to order. Also the LiveChat was very helpful as this product was out of stock the LiveChat found out that this product was on order and approximately how long before it would be available.
Would use this website again Thank You.
Good product
The mouthpiece was great, fits perfectly. Postage was a little bit high I thought.
clear instructions
The Foogo Drink bottles are the best drink bottles we have used for both babies and toddlers. The juice, milk or water stays cold for hours making them perfect for days out and even around home. The fact that you can just replace the straws as they wear out is ideal. We have tried many different types of bottles and these are perfect. We wouldn't use any other bottle now.
Exactly what I needed, fits nicely onto the bottle
Easy to replace, exactly what I was after.
Not too bad. Prefer come with in a pack
The replacement straw was easy to put in, & now my daughter thinks she has a new drink bottle :)
We have the use my little girls thermos bottle again!! Thermos bottles are a fantastic product and the option of replacement parts means I don't need to worry about mold build up or damaged straws. I'm very happy we my purchase and have already recommended to my friends.
I love the Thermos drink bottles, the only problem being the mouthpiece is difficult to clean and gets dirty over time. I've also found a new mouthpiece helps with leaking that seems to increase over time too.
Needs packaging
Great idea, but there was no packaging, so the mouthpieces looked less than clean when I got them. I also thought I was buying the complete mouthpiece and straw, but received the mouthpiece only. Disappointed, and I actually threw them away : ( Other reviewers were happy though, so guess I'm too fussy,
Foogo thermo bottle is excellent as it keeps drinks chilled for at least 5 hours. The straw gets really dirty despite cleaning after each use so the availability of spare straws is crucial to maintaining hygiene so a must buy.
Product was perfect
Product was exactly what we were looking for. It arrive promptly. Postage was a bit expensive for such a small product. It would be good if postage prices varied based on size instead of a fixed amount.
excellent, easy to use and easy to clean. i also like that you can buy replacement straws
i have two of these bottles, love them,
Perfect product. Very fast and reliable seller! recommended to friend.
excellent product.
my 2 year old loves this drink bottle. Easy to put together and clean.
The replacement pieces are great value for money. My little boy loves his foogoo water bottles, we have three but they straws get really dir
Perfect for little people
The mouth piece and straw is easy to replace/ remove. Not so easy to clean inside the mouth piece so we just replace them every 6 months maximun (or when they start looking dirty) The replacment piece is reasonably priced and a major reasson I bought the drink container in the first place was that UrbanBaby have the replacements! The foogo containers are excellent products to use in the heat/tropics as it keeps the drink chilled for ages!! My 2 sons and I all have these drink bottles ages ranging from 18 months to 39 years!
Great to have replacement straws
I originally purchased the bottle from UB, so I am pleased that you stock the replacement straws for both types. I ordered extra too. Great product, has had a lot of use from my now 4 year old, we purchased the bottle when she was about 18 months old.
I bought a few for spares and for hygienic reason I replace my mouth piece every few months. Thank you for making these parts available.
just what we needed. am going to purchase a couple more for spares. thanks being able to purchase these parts just makes the thermos foogo last soo much longer