TotRiser Butterfly

TotRiser Butterfly

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Every home should have a TotRiser!

When your child is too old for a highchair or when the grandchildren visit, when stacking cushions on your dining chairs just slip out, squish down or worse; get covered in food  & a couple of phone books is not very comfortable and possibly dangerous, a TotRiser is the simple solution.

The TotRiser is thick, lightweight, portable, water resistant and easy to clean. TotRiser is made of marine grade foam that wont squish down, comes in fun colours and designs that will draw in the interest of the kids and look good in the home.

The TotRiser is ideal for children aged three and over who are able to sit unassisted and safely at the dinner table.

Made from L3100 high foaming Polyethylene (PE). This foam has many applications in a variety of industries and is commonly used in packaging, automotive and marine products. An interesting quality of PE is its resistance to mold and bacteria. It is also durable, naturally non-slip & non-toxic.

Size: 35cm x 28cm x 8cm.

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