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ubbi Diaper Pail - White

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The ubbi Diaper Pail is like a steel safe for yucky smells, perfect for stinky nappies!  Made from powder coated steel and with rubber gasket seals, odours get trapped inside by simply shutting the ubbi door.

It took ubbi two years to get the design of this good-looking Nappy Bin perfect in every way, including an oval shape that stands nicely against the change table or in a corner, a bag holder that holds the bag up and open, a child lock to keep inquisitive toddlers out and of course the excellent seal that keeps odours in!

You can use any kitchen tidy plastic bag in the ubbi, but we prefer the custom fit ubbi Biodegradable Plastic Bags that come in a roll of 25, or cloth nappy users will love the ubbi Cloth Diaper Pail Liner that can be used over and over and forever! (Both are available separately.)


  • Made from powder coated steel - doesnt absorb any odour
  • Slide the trap door and lock in smell - no need to empty ubbi until it's full
  • Holds up to 57ltrs - approx 50 newborn sized nappies
  • Oval shape is easy to place in the nursery
  • No special bag required
  • Biodegradable bags available
  • Waterproof cloth liner available - perfect for cloth nappies!
  • Child safety lock - keeps toddlers out
  • Comes in a great range of colours - click here for all ubbi
  • Customise your ubbi - can be decorated with any type of wall decal
  • Size: 54cm(Hight including handle) x 32cm(D)  x 24cm(W)

Customer ratings for this product

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 5
Excellent - does exactly what it claims to do (26/04/2013)
Excellent. Great quality materials. Doesn't take up much space. Keeps the smell in as claimed. Very practical as you only need to change the bag about twice a week. One of the best things I have bought for my baby.
Fantastic product, highly recommended! (8/02/2013)
Dont have to buy specific bags, can just use supermarket brand. Saves so much money! No nasty smells. I would highly recommend this product!
Amazing! Must have item for nursery! (3/09/2012)
This nappy bin is perfect, it really does lock in the odour, and the child lock on it keeps my little one out of it. It holds a lot of nappies and is so easy to use. I love that it comes in such great colours to match my sons room, previously we just used a plastic bin with kitchen bags in his room and not matter what essential oils I put in the bin or how often I emptied the bin or had windows open their was still an odour. Not any more the Ubbi Pail has changed that. I will be recommending it to all my mother friends. Fantastic!

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