How to Purchase Oeuf Furniture

How to Purchase Oeuf Furniture

Ordering OEUF Furniture

Have you been ringing all around town for an OEUF cot? Having trouble getting your hands on one?
Here is the low down…

Generally Oeuf Furniture sells out months before the containers arrive – for good reason – they are gorgeous pieces.
Any shop selling the OEUF range will not be holding any stock – everything is ordered for each customer.
We have a priority allocation with OEUF, so you can be assured when you order with us you will be getting the first available.

If you think you would like to proceed, we recommend you hurry as the shipments do sell out fast, and the shipment only arrive every 2-3 months.

The UrbanBaby process is:

1. Order the pieces you would like online

2. We will contact you to confirm when the item/s is due into Australia within 5 business days

3. We will provide a shipping quote to your address

4. We will then process the payment

5. We will keep you updated via email if there are any changes to shipping dates

6. Approximately one week before delivery we will contact you to arrange a delivery date