Moonie Organic Humming Bear - Cappuccino


Moonie Organic Humming Bear is a sleep aid, playing soothing & comforting noises to assist babies falling asleep. It also has delicate LED lights, great for older children who get worried about complete darkness.

  • 5 natural soothing sounds (womb pink noise, wind, forest stream, sea waves, rain) as well as gentle lullaby
  • Adjustable volume 
  • Delicate LED lights with 5 settings
  • Smart cry detector, plays pink noise when baby cries (smart cry detector can be turned off)
  • Mutes itself after 30 minutes & then into 3 hour standby mode
  • USB rechargeable
  • GOTS certified organic cotton, filling made from recycled materials, non -toxic dyes
  • Size appr. 28x16x10 cm
  • Made in Poland

Moonie's sounds are natural recording of sounds as opposed to computer generated noise. The  heartbeat sound is a recording of the humm inside a mother's belly, a sound that newborns are familiar & feel safe with when inside mum's tummy. 

The sea waves sound is a recording of the Baltic Sea and the mountain stream are of Tatra Mountains. The specially composed calming lullaby is played on a kalimba.

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