Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottle 250ml 2pk Green

$46.96 $53.95

When the designers of Comotomo asked themselves why all baby bottles were made from hard plastic, they just couldn't come up with a good enough answer. With the invention of quality silicone products, they were able to design a baby bottle that closely mimics a mothers natural breast; soft, warm and with a wide teat that allows baby to latch, just like breastfeeding.

Babies have a natural instinct to latch to the nipple, but with conventional bottles, latching can not be performed. With a Comotomo Baby Bottle, the extra wide teat gives baby a more natural shape, just like mummy's breast, and baby will suck just as nature intended.

When babies breastfeed, they often learn to massage mothers breast. This helps push the milk through the nipple and they don't have to suck as hard. Because the Comotomo Baby Bottle is soft, baby will learn to gently squeeze the bottle, mimicking the same massage they perform on Mum.

Hopefully, your little one won't suffer from colic. But unfortunately some babies do. One possible cause is that conventional bottles are poorly designed to allow taking in excessive air during feeding. Problem solved. The Comotomo Baby Bottle includes not one, but two vents to completely eliminate unnecessary air-intake.

These beautifully designed bottles have a super-wide neck so that you can easily clean by hand. Added bonus… Silicone is extremely resistant to heat. You can boil them to sterilise, or put them in a dishwasher for a bit more “me-time.”

  • Pack contains 2 x 250ml baby bottles with medium flow nipples
  • Made from 100% BPA free medical grade silicone material
  • Can be boiled or pop in the dishwasher on high heat to sterilise
  • Soft, warm and with a wide teat - mimics mothers natural breast
  • Colic preventing air vent system
  • No drip design
  • Flexible body and wide mouth allows for easy cleaning
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