Wee Gallery Spiral Mobile - Garden


Stimulate your little one from an early age with this Garden Spiral Mobile from Wee Gallery.  Featuring twirling vines, floating flowers and a delicate butterfly, this mobile is visually stimulating for young children. The flowers and butterfly wings are double-sided - black and white on one side, and vibrant colour on the other. This mobile brings the hand-drawn quality of Wee Gallery graphics to life and will be a perfect accessory to any new nursery.

  • Gorgeous Wee Gallery styling
  • Mixture of black-and white design with vibrant colour to catch the eye and stimulate baby’s senses
  • Features a colourful butterfly gliding amongst two flowers floating in the breeze
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dimensions when hung:  Approx. 43 x 55 cm
  • A perfectly stylish addition to any new nursery
  • The mobile is not a toy, please ensure this is out of reach of young children to prevent strangulation

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About Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery sees like babies. Newborns and young babies are attracted to black-and-white high contrast image. Such images are proven to stimulate newborns' sense of sight which is rapidly developing since birth. Wee Gallery prides itself in being eco conscious and works with fair trade certified manufacturers.