Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Vaporiser & 2 Oil - White


The Aroma Snooze from Lively Living is the world's most advanced sleep vaporisers - with red /orange LED light to stimulate melatonin, pre recorded  sound and music tracks as well as voice recorder. Pack also includes 15ml certified organic Aroma Snooze Remedy essentials oil PLUS Immune Blend)

Aroma Snooze utilises ultrasonic technology (without heat) to emit a fine cool mist into the atmosphere, diffused with with the essential oil. These diffusers incorporate a patented auto shut off when the water level is low. This along with the removal of the need for heat source, makes the diffusers extremely safe and family friendly, adding extra peace of mind.

The Aroma-Snooze features a soft, colour changing LED night light with multiple functions: 

  • Red/orange LED light on an 8 second rhythmic cycle to stimulate melatonin levels (the hormone in the body that regulates sleep)
  • Diffuser can be set to oscillate between the full colour spectrum or set to individual colours as desired
  • Diffuser also allows the light to be off as soothing mist fills the air

With the Aroma-Snooze you will enjoy the 5 in 1 multi-functions; Ioniser, Air Purifier, Humidifier and Night Lamp, whilst diffusing your essential oils.

  • Cool mist - safe for children
  • Auto shut-off when water is empty
  • 300ml capacity with two mist functions: up to 10 hours continuous mist or up to 18 hours intermittent mist mode
  • Red/Orange light with 8 second cycle to promote melatonin
  • Colour changing light which may be set on any colour
  • 5 musical and sound tracks: Slow rhythm lullaby, Pink noise, Heart beat, Rain/Natural sound, Uplifting rhythm lullaby
  • Voice recorder and looped playback
  • Safe to use with pure essential oils
  • Includes 15ml Organic 'Aroma Snooze Remedy' Essential Oil Blend plus one extra oil (given at random: Immune, Sensitive Child or Child Calming)
  • Multifunctional - creates negative ions, diffuses essential oils, purifies the air, humidifies and creates a soft glow night light
  • Size: 15 x 15 cm
  • Adaptor included - mains power only
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty
  • Available in White, Pink or Blue

One of the Aroma Snooze's advance abilities lies in its built in music and sound components. With 5 different sound and music tracks chosen just for your little one.

  • Rock-a-Bye Baby is a soft musical lullaby perfect for night time.
  • Pink Noise is celebrated for its sleep enhancing properties. Pink Noise slows down and regulates brain waves allowing for a deeper and longer sleep.
  • Comforting heart beat sound is perfect for relieving separation anxiety.
  • Rain and nature sounds are also perfect for adults and children, creating a soothing environment for a better sleep
  • Uplifting tempo lullaby is a gentle lullaby with a faster tempo for relaxation and day play, creating a calm environment to grow and learn. 

The Aroma Snooze also features a voice recorder. Babies recognise their parents voices before they are even born. The voice recorder allows you to personalise your Aroma Snooze for your little one.  You can record up to 30 seconds voice that can be played on a continuous loop. You may like to record a favourite song, positive words of encouragement or a comforting 'shhhh' sound. This feature is perfect for those times when parents aren't able to say good night in person and to calm your baby with the sound of your voice.

Aroma Snooze Oil Blend has been created with sleep in mind. Simply add a drop of two into the water of your diffuser and allow the soothing mist to fill the air. This blend contains organic oils of: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Cedar wood and Australian Sandalwood. 

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