Boon Drying Rack Accessory - Bud

Boon Drying Rack Accessory - Bud

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You love your Boon Grass, Boon Lawn or Boon Strip Drying Rack, and now you've added a Boon Twig, a Boon Stem and a Boon Fly, but alas, something is still missing! Enter Boon Bud!   Now you have somewhere to drip dry all those bits and bobs that babies just have.  What ever did you do without it? 

  • For use with Boon grasslawn & patchBoon Patch Drying Rack countertop drying racks 
  • Perfect for sponges, wash-cloths, bottle brushes and straws
  • BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free 
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