Puj Hanging Nubs 3pk - Grey

Puj Hanging Nubs 3pk - Grey

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The most universal hook you will ever need. These hooks feature a soft and grippy tip, making hanging household accessories easy and quick. Each hook has an adhesive backing making sure it stays in place. Simply peel and stick. 

The Puj Nubs can be used to hang brooms, keys, towels, headphones, Puj hanging cups, Puj Tub, Puj Flyte and much much more. 

The nubs are designed to be used on smooth surfaces such as tile, glass, metal and shower walls. Ensure surface is clean and dry prior to placing nub. 

  • Includes 3 Nubs
  • Soft and flexible material
  • Holds up to 1.3 kg
  • Adheares to smooth surfaces (glass, tile, mirror)
  • Nubs should be placed by an adult
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