EverEarth Environment Friendly

EverEarth Environment Friendly

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We love EverEarth not only for their great products or their countless awards for Parent's Choice products but it is that they are dedicated to creating toys that keep children and the planet happy and healthy. From production to product all aspects are considered. EverEarth has eco friendly factories, materials and pursues educating children and employees alike in social awareness of our planet.


Green Certifications

  • ISO 14064 GHG Calculations
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management

Using Green Materials

  • Rubber Wood: rubber trees have valuable sap that can make rubber
  • RSC Forest Management: implementing and educating plans for farming techniques on a sustainable forest
  • Forest Stewardship Council: the development of a sustainable forest. 20,000 acres of pine, birch and bamboo
  • Water based Paint: this option saves 72,000 kgs of thinner and 20 tons of CO2 emissions a year
  • Soy Bean Ink

Green Projects

  • Sustainability through Design: aims to design products that educate children about saving the environment
  • Internal Sustainability Team: aim to educate employees through extra curricular activities
  • Sunshine Group: focused on the environment and philanthropy in China.

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