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Acai Bowl recipe

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Oh winter – ‘tis the season for cold and flu!


With the freezing temperature unfortunately cold and flu seem to come often and linger for a little while. Cough and runny noses seem to make appearance most days than not.


Now I have been known to tell my friends and family about how our little family love acai bowl. We think they are super yummy and the kids eat them without complaints. The level of sickness in our household seems to be much lower since we start eating the acai bowl regularly too (touch wood).



We used to buy acai bowls  from juice bar every weekend. We love it so much that we wanted to have them more often but were not be able to get to the juice bar any other day than on the weekends. I thought I give it a go at making them and am very excited to report that it taste just as good as the ones from the juice bar.


Acai berry is harvested from the Amazon and has very high content of antioxidant and vitamin C. We know that vitamin C is essential to keep the immune system high, therefore stopping cold and flu germs from attacking our bodies. 


How we make our acai bowl ( serves 4):


2 Packs frozen pure Acai* ( we buy them from our local fruit shop, one packet has 4 individually sealed packs)

1 large frozen banana

2 cups cut watermelon

0.5 cup juice (we use Nudie apples, orange & mango)


Blitz them together and pour into bowls. If you like, top with cut banana, strawberry, passionfruit and drizzle with honey. Russell and I we have ours with Carman’s crunchy clusters as well and it keeps us full and stop us reaching for snacks.


We eat them after dinner as dessert most nights which is a win win. A yummy dessert which keeps everyone healthy as a bonus.


Note: Make sure you don’t pick up Acai with guarana. I am sure you the kids do not need extra energy from guarana. LOL


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