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Make your bag a baby bag with ToteSavvy

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I have a confession to make. I am a handbag girl - I LOVE love love  handbags. Big tote bags are particularly my favourite because they can fit anything and everything!

Sadly all these bags that I purchased have to be stored away once my babies arrived. I swapped my pre-baby bags with a nappy bag. Whilst I love my nappy bag, I do feel my pre baby bags have been ignored sitting on the shelves for too long.

Until now - Thanks to ToteSavvy!


ToteSavvy is a clever solution that allows you to transform your bag into a nappy bag. It has a clever pocketing system that keeps everything organised and easy to reach. The great thing about tote bags is they are roomy and can fit so many things. On the downside, it can be difficult to find something as they are all lumped together. We all know that when kids want something, they want it stat! Therefore there is no time to rummage through things or even worse, tipping everything out.

 ToteSavvy regular has 11 unique pockets to keep everything you and your child essentials where they should be, so you can find and access them easilty. There is an insulated pocket for bottle, pocket with flap as well as pocket for documents (bye crinkly forms) and key clasp. The generous size means ToteSavvy regular is suitable to pack for two kiddies. Packing the regular ToteSavvy is a breeze too because you can lay it flat to easily access and fill all the pockets.


ToteSavvy Mini has 6 clever pockets, including an insulated one for bottle as well as key clasp. Mini is perfect for a smaller bag and when you don't need to carry a lot of stuffs. Elasticised pocket tops also help keep the items inside the pocket.


Both ToteSavvy regular and mini come with change mat and are made from easy to wipe clean material. 

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