Top 5 Christmas Gifts for my Nephew

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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for my Nephew

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for my Nephew




Posted by Vanessa (an auntie to a much loved 2 year old little boy). Vanessa is a much loved team member at UrbanBaby and has been making mental note of gifts to buy for his little nephew. We asked Vanessa to put it in a blog post in case you are after some inspiration as well.


Sometimes little boys are much harder to shop for than little girls. But I have put together my shopping list for my 2 year old nephew. He has recently gotten into all things that have wheels and move. So here are what I am getting him for Christmas this year.

1. IVI Interactive Play Rug - Mini City Large

This is literally one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I remember playing on my brothers' car mat with them growing up. My nearly 2 year old nephew will love to play on this play rug with his older brother for years to come. The IVI Interactive Play Rugs have different textures allowing the cars to stay on the road. My nephew will love feeling the different textures as he plays with his cars and trucks.

2. Le Toy Van Car Petrol Pump Set

This set is going to go perfectly with my nephew's IVI play rug. The traffic light,  signs and the petrol pump is the perfect addition to his collection. My nephew will no doubt enjoy setting this set up on his play rug to play with this cars. They are beautifully made from rubber wood and will be loved for many many years. This set will fit well with all the cars my nephew has stacked in his room.

3. Wee Gallery Animal Alphabet Cards

The Wee Gallery Animal Alphabet cards are a perfect first learning gift for my nephew. As he is now talking so much he will love naming the various items on each card. He will also learn his ABCs at the same time.  I can’t wait to hear all the new words my nephew will learn and what letters he knows. He is growing up so fast. Also I am loving the Wee Gallery timeless monochrome design.

4. Indigo Jamm Colin Camper Van

Colin’s camper van is perfect for my nephews little fingers. He will be able to put Colin in the van and take him out again. My nephew is completely into things with wheels that move around, he cannot get enough of them. I am sure he will love wheeling Colin’s camper van through the house this Christmas. I may need to have a look at the other indigo Jamm vehicles to go along with the van.

5. We Might be Tiny – Bear Snackie - Blue Dusk

I think my sister in law may love this gift more than my nephew but he will always enjoy what is inside (he loves his food). This bear snackie is perfect for little ones on the go and at home. The lid becomes a plate alongside the bowl. My nephew is nearly two and food is one of the highest priorities at this point. Anything that can go in his mouth will find its way there. As my nephew learns what foods he does and does not enjoy, he will always love grabbing it out of his new snackie. This snackie is made from a silicone base, threfore will not break when accidentally dropped. I can’t wait to see my nephew open this snackie to find some delicious Christmas treats this year. 

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