Janod Memory Touch Game

Janod Memory Touch Game

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The memory game just go a little bit more interesting. Put your hand inside the bag and try to be the first person to find all 4 pieces on your game card. You can only use your sense of touch to find all of your pieces.

But beware of the trick piece! The player who picks the bone must return any pieces they have already won to the bag and start again.

For younger players the variant game is that they each pull a piece from the bag to match the images on their card. If not, it is returned for another player to try. This is an ideal game for developing sensory processing and fine motor skills. 

  • Includes 21 wooden pieces, 5 game cards and 1 cotton bag for storage.
  • Suitable for children 3 - 6 years
  • From 2-5 players
  • Designed in France

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