The Magic Klorofil Tree with Countryside Sound Effect

The Magic Klorofil Tree with Countryside Sound Effect

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The Magic Klorofil Tree now has countryside sound effects.

If you think The Magic Klorofil Tree looks just like one you had when you were a child, then you are right! This Magic Klorofil Tree is made exactly like the original. Open up the Magic Klorofil Tree and the whole of countryside will come to life with the sound of bird singing and a running river.

The Magic Klorofil Tree has loads of fun activities to explore: a lift to wind up and down, a slide, a little car, a swing, a seesaw, and so much more.

Includes 5 KLOROFIL family play figures, car and furniture, to promote imaginative play by encouraging children to make up stories an re-contact situations from everyday life. 

Lower the tree top to pack away in less than no time at all, and use the handle to carry it around.

Plenty of activities in the Klorofil tree:

  • The Klorofil Tree has a kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom
  • Bush Shaped Kennel for Basil the dog
  • Built in slide
  • Seesaw
  • A small car for enough to accomodate 4 Klorofil family play figures
  • A lift which goes up and down by using the crank in the tree trunk
  • Built in swing
  • Also includes a table, chair and a bench to recreat real life scenes with the 5 Klorofil family
  • Made in France

Suitable for 3 years + .

Size: Approx 37cm when top is open. 27cm when closed.


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