Tiger Tribe Oodle Doodles Crayons - Daydream

Tiger Tribe Oodle Doodles Crayons - Daydream

$19.95 / set(s)

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This Tiger Tribe Piccolo Oodle Doodles crayon set with stickers includes everything a child needs to doodle the day away, including doodle inspirations! With 10 stackable finger crayons, 48 doodles and over 70 stickers, doodling has never been more fun!

Set includes -

  • 8 Stackable finger crayons
  • 48 Doodle inspiration pages
  • 5 pages of Stickers
  • Storage Box

Features -

  • Ideal craft activity for outings, holidays or gifts
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Box Size: 19 x 17 x 5cm
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