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Padded Travel Cot Sheet
$49.95 / item

Fitted sheet & padded underlay; all-in-one. 2 sizes available.

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Number of ratings: 63
Average rating: 4.8
Awesome product
The padded travel cot is a great product. It is double sided and easy to swap if accidents happen during the night. You simply place the portacot base inside the slip and place it into the bottom. Its the right amount of padding, easy to work with and not too bulky and rolls right up into its own carrybag. Nice and easy to take around with you.
Great product
The padded travel cot sheet is easy to use, fits our portacot well, and was really helpful in giving our bub a good night's sleep in the portacot. It is easy to clean, transport and store.
This is a great product
This is my third travel cot mattress. This smaller on is for a travel cot I borrowed and the two previous ones are the larger size that I use for the portable cot and the inflatable toddler bed mattress I use for my granddaughters. Comfortable, lightweight and easy to wash.
Excellent product to travel with. I love that you just slip it over the portacot base, and you've got peace of mind knowing that it's clean, comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep on.
I really like this travel cot mattress
I use one in the portable cot I have for my granddaughter and have now bought a second one as I delightfully discovered it fits the mattress of the inflatable toddler bed I have for her 3 year old sister. I feel great knowing this is a SAFE and COMFORTABLE padded sheet.
Good quality product
Easy to use, a bit bulky but can fit into a suitcase easily
Wish I had bought this earlier
This padded travel cot sheet is going to be so handy. I'm a grandparent. It's now on our portable cot base and it fits on my inflatable toddler bed mattress. I'm definitely taking it away with us on holiday to use with a travel cot. It is strong, lightweight and very comfortable for a baby or toddler. Definitely buying another one.
One of the best products I have ever bought!
The Padded travel cot sheet is one of the best products I’ve bought for our baby boy in the last 12 months. I always suspected he wasn’t comfortable in his travel cot and since using it, he’s slept like a dream. I liked it so much I even bought the larger size to use on his cot at home!! Highly recommend and will be buying as gifts for friends!
Great investment
Turned our phil and ted's traveller cot into a cosy bed for our one year old (we have the old cot version where the blow up mattress is inserted into a pocket at the base of the cot but we simply popped the padded sheet wrapped mattress directly into the cot - worked a treat).
High quality cotton padded travel sheet for a goods night sleep for mum and bub
Expensive but well worth the cost. My 11month just would not sleep on the mattress that came with the travel cot - it made him sweaty and felt thin and uncomfortable. I know everyone says that baby's don't mind those thin mattresses but I can tell you that mine did. I'd been using towels and even a doona as padding with a fitted shit to keep them in place which worked for him BUT then I couldn't sleep, waking what felt like every 5 mins to check on him concerned about the suffocation risk. I nearly ordered this padded sheet so many times and I'm so glad that I did in preparation for a week away. Beautiful quality cotton and feels thick and soft for him to sleep on without the suffocation risk. The fact that the padding inside is cotton stopped him sweating heaps too. Oh and it's easy to pack for travel too.
Highly recommend
I purchased the padded sheet for a Roger Armstrong porta cot because our 3 month old grandson was coming to visit. It fitted the cot perfectly and we had no trouble getting our little man to sleep in the cot. It washed up well before use with no shrinkage so I expect to have it available for many years for grand children.
Highly Recommended
I recently purchased the padded sheet for the Porta cot. Prior to purchasing this product, I have had great difficulty getting my son to sleep in the porta cot. He normally sleeps soundly and sleeps through at night but when in the port cot he would toss and turn all night and wake up several times. I tried the padded sheet for one of his day sleeps and he slept soundly for 3.5 hours. I am so relieved as we are going away soon and I was concerned about my sons comfort and worried about losing his sleep routine whilst we are away. I would highly recommend this product.
Thank you.
Went on a girls weekend for 3 nights with my 4 month old. He slept perfectly with the the extra added comfort that the cot sheet provides. And when it got dirty it was easy to use the other side instead of having to wash it.
Both of my babies are sleeping well on it
So happy with the purchase.
It looked a bit thicker on the picture but it does the job... My boys didn't complain
Great product - safe, easy to fit and comes in handy carry bag! My 4 month old slept in the portacot for the first time after using this padded sheet!
Really happy with the padded cot sheet - was initially worried that it didn't feel as padded as I had hoped but coupled with the mattress in the port-a-cot it is perfect! I got the small version as recommended for the cot we have and it fits perfectly. Also love that it is made of cotton as I try to stick to cotton bedding as much as possible so my little man doesn't get sweaty. We had our first camping trip with Mr. 1 over Easter and he slept beautifully and seemed very comfy, so very happy with my purchase! Thank you :-)
This product is OK.. Its not as padded as expected; i thought it would be thicker. I contemplated sending it back but i paid $12 in postage and it would have cost me $10 or so to send it back as well so decided to keep it. I was tossing up between this product and another similar (and cheaper) product - i wish i had gone for the other one.
UrbanBaby Response:

Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much for your feedback on our travel cot sheet. I am sorry that you are not happy with our product. Our Travel Cot Sheet is something that Christine and I developed ourselves so we really take great pride it. In 10 years we have only ever had one returned.

I would just like to address the couple of points that you brought up.

We are very conscious of baby safety, so the ‘padding’ is minimal. This is to allow the most airflow whilst still giving comfort around bubs without sinking in a foamy deep mattress which is not recommended. You should find that the mattress provided with the cot, plus our padded sheet, will give baby a great sleep.

Also our sheet component is 100% hotel quality cotton. So even after years of washing our travel cot sheets are still soft and comfortable. They really last!

All the alternative travel cot sheets are usually a cheap polyester or polycotton and there are reports of pilling. And ours is double sided so if you are away, you can turn it over for a ‘fresh’ sheet. No other Travel Cot sheets do this.

I hope this helps you feel better about your purchase. I would also love it if after using it for a while feel free to do another review if your opinion has changed?

Kind regards,
Linda Hattersley
Perfect - exactly what I was looking for..!
Fits my Portocot perfectly and makes for a much more comfortable sleep for my grandbabies. Absolutely amazing speedy service from UrbanBaby. Thank you..!
I brought it for when my grandson stays, love it, and he sleeps very well in it. Looks so nice and comfortable. also safe as no loose bed covers. Highly recommend this product.
I always worried about the comfort of the portacot mattress as it seemed so hard and flat, this product is perfect and makes such a difference. Easy to use and so soft. Our little one slept so well. Highly recommended.
Best Portacot sheet on the market!!
Portacots are usually so uncomfortable for babies, this sheet makes so much of a difference. Gives baby so much comfort at the most important time ( when it's baby sleep time). A bonus is that it is so easy to wash! A definite for all babies and parents alike.
Easy to use, very soft cotton and excellent padding
I haven't used this sheet yet, buy intend to for our Christmas holiday.
I have opened it and put it on our travel cot, it fits perfectly and very easy to put on and off.
My one year old I know will sleep well with this. It's very soft and make a Tavel cot very comfortable.
I would highly recommend this and postage was very fast!
A must-have for travel
I'm so glad I bought this ahead of our holiday. Bub slept well, and I felt more confident she would sleep comfortably and safely. When I felt the softness of it I wanted one in my size! Lightweight and compact, I will not travel without it
great product
I love this cot sheet so much. I hate the hard mattress and scratchy sheet of the travel cot, who would want to sleep on that?
It's soft and feels nice against the skin. Easy to wash and dry. great that you can tumble dry it if needed. The fact it can be reversed in case of an accidents is a bonus.
Perfect to make sleeping on a hard portacot more comfortable for your little one. Our bub slept better when we were away than he does at home. Lovely soft cotton. Great feature that you can use both sides in case of accidents while away. Very safe as the sheet can not come off the mattress. Easy to wash and dries quickly. Does not take up very much space. Would not use a portacot without this padded travel cot sheet. Thanks urbanbaby.com.au! :)
fantastic product
Love this product, so easy to use and our bub slept so well with it considering all the other changes when on holidays. Highly recommend this product :)
Excellent product
This cot sheet was really easy to fit, and it made the base so much softer. It is impossible for a baby to remove and get trapped under it. Also washes well. Highly recommended!
Definitely recommend!
The padded travel cot sheet is an absolute must for any travel portacot. It is reversible, breathable and the pure cotton sheet next to baby's skin is just ideal. Packs away easily and I would never put a baby in a portacot without it!
Tried it out in the weekend and loved it for my baby. 3rd time around and so wish I had it for my other two babies as the travel cot mattress is horrible to sleep on. Well done Urban Baby product is not too $$, easy to carry around and more importantly serves a purpose. Great hole in the market I say!
My Sister-in-law highly recommended this product from Urban Baby, although I had to wait for this to come in stock it came in just in time for when I needed it & i was very impressed they had it in the small size to suit my Bjorn travel cot :-).
My little boy slept so great on it while we had our first big trip, was quite relieving.
Great product & excellent quality.
Superb item
Wow what a great product. I am a new grandma and purchased this cot sheet to use in the portacot when my grandchildren come to visit. Used it for first time last night and it was excellent. So soft and comfortable. Parents were very happy with the sheet and that it was comfortable but still very safe. Definitely a great buy.
Absolutely excellent
What a brilliant idea. An Australian made high quality product which not only increasing the comfort of any portable cot- but more importantly is safe for the baby as well.
Easy to use and clean, I highly recommend this product.
The service I received from urbanbaby was fast, friendly and professional.
Perfect cover for my second hand port a cot, makes it much softer for bub than the ordinary mattress, but still safe
I have just used the padded cot sheet on a week's holiday and it was fantastic - my little baby girl slept beautifully on it. SO much better than the hard base and dodgy (not recommended) piece of foam I used with my first two children. I wish I had known about this product 6 years ago at the time of my first baby!
Excellent. Very practical & easy to use
A friend lent me hers to use with our baby & after using it on many occasions I knew it was an essential item we had to have. It is very practical & provides the child with extra comfort in the portacot. I love how easy it is to use (great for grandparents!) and to clean. I was very surprised also at the price - great value!! Love this product & will recommend to new patents who travel frequently in future. Ps just about to go on OS trip & the Urban baby will definitely be packed!
Money well spent
We recently bought our first travel cot for our 5 mth old and I was worried at how thin and hard the 'mattress' was. A friend recommended the urbanbaby padded sheet and it is fantastic. It makes baby's cot feel lovely and soft and it's extremely easy to fit (nice not to worry about exact cot measurements). The carry bag is very convenient - we used it to store baby's spare sleeping bag etc while the cot was in use - and the sheet is easy to wash and dry.
Easy to use and launder. Saves time and energy making baby's bed. Baby likes it as well and I believe that she is even sleeping better.
It was easy to fit, practical and much better than just a sheet.
fantastic buy
bought this for my first baby on here and still using it with number three. this is a fantastic product that transforms horrendous hotel portacots into snuggy beds. well worth it even though you do not need to use it often. it makes a big diffreence for baby's comfort and your piece of mind. it washes so easily with the sheets and doubles as a spare sheet in case of accidents.
excellent product
This is the second one I have bought. I got it for my porta cot for my grandson on recommendation from a friend. My daughter borrowed it when they went away. Consequently I lost it . Had to buy a second one. It is so soft for the baby to lay on . My grandson loves it . It also washes well. Just throw it in the washing machine. The great carry bag makes it easy to transport. Also doubles as tummy time mat.
I have been looking for some kind of padding to make the portacot more comfortable for my baby. I always feel guilty when we go away that his mattress looks so uncomfortable and he rarely sleeps well. I have tried other products such as a foam mattress and also blankets but I was not happy with how they sat in the cot and was concerned about SIDS risk. The padded sheet is compact, easy to clean, comfy and packaging is great!
Well worth it!
I felt so much less guilty for putting my bub in the travel cot on holidays. Used to feel like he was sleeping on a plank. Now it was much more padded, but firm enough to not be a SIDS risk. He actually slept better in this portacot than in his normal cot at home! Bag is great for storing it in too.
The padded sheet is perfect for our travel cot. It makes it a lot more snuggly and comfy for our little one. I am sure she has slept better since we put it sheet the cot. Packaging was lovely and it washed well.
I was really impressed with it.
I was really happy with this item, it was packaged nicely and made well. I wish I found it sooner.
So easy to fit and adds great comfort
The padded sheet made it a lot easier to add comfort but still with safety in mind. Easy to wash and dry. Still fitted perfectly after a trip through the clothes dryer.
fits well. Lovely and soft good customer service
What a great idea..So easy to use when my grandson visits.
Fantastic product! Slips easily onto and fits travel cot base perfectly. Soft and comfortable - my son had no problems sleeping on this mattress for the duration of our recent 4-day holiday. Easily folds away into a small carry bag, so much easier to pack than a separate mattress/sheet. Easy to clean - machine wash and tumble dry.
The product came with excellent instructions, althought it is very easy to use without. I used it on a standard porta cot and was pleasantly surprised as to how well it fitted. It is easily washed in the machine and folds back neatly into its case for future use. Highly recommend it and I even think bub slept better!
Great Idea
Haven't used this yet, but plan to on our family holiday in a few weeks time. Feels nice and soft, very comfortable. Washes well. My only though was this may have been a little expensive and could have made one myself, but recieving it I'm very happy.
Really happy with the sheet, used it the day after it arrived at a caravan park in our portacot and was so much nicer than using just the base and a normal sheet. It fitted perfectly so i had no worries about bub suffocating. Thanks heaps
Comfy and good quality
This makes for a much more comfortable portacot. Feels just like laying on a comfy doona! Wouldn't use my portacot without it
Brilliant - just what I wanted for my portacot, no more noise with movement
The product is brilliant and just what I was looking for as the portacot is very noisy (and hard) with only a sheet over the base but this padded sheet is brilliant. What was even better was the extra mile that the staff went to when I had such difficulty processing my order. Fantastic customer service on top of a brilliant product - what more could a customer ask for?
best invention - makes travel cost very comfortable and cosy
I am so glad that I hunted this down - I was recommended this concept but couldn't find one anywhere. Then I found one here. I put it on as soon as it arrived (we had guests staying that night) and my friends first comment was - what did you put under the sheet to make it so soft and comfy?'
It is fantastic and strongly recommend to anyone who has a portacot - as they would def need padding, so why not get it all in one.
excellent - really helpful
I have a 6 month old who sleeps fitfully in travel cots - the mattresses are just not comfortable enough. The Padded Travel Cot sheet has been a saviour in increasing his comfort while staying away from home. Really handy and reasonably priced.
This is without a doubt one of the best baby products I have ever purchased (and after 4 kids, that's a lot of products!). Anyone who has ever struggled with random blankets and towels underneath an ill-fitting cot sheet trying to make a horrible hard portacot base a little more comfy for bubs (and then worried constantly that the whole mess will twist around and tangle the baby up with it) will know what I am talking about. Slides on easily, fits perfectly, washes and dries easily - it rocks.
This is a great product
My young 16 month old sleeps in a portacot permanently but base was so hard. Purchased this product, but by itself, still too hard, but place it over the top of a foam mattress from clark rubber and it is perfect. The foam mattress itself was still quite frim, but the padding with the sheet is perfect!!
Excellent product and great service
used the portacot sheet very easy to use and the padding makes the portacot so much more comfortable.My daughter slept so much better with the padded sheet on, would definately recommend. Great product lovely quality and great service.Will definately be making more purchases from urban baby
excellent quality
dont love travel cots but this makes ours much more comfy and cosy. easy to use. really nice quality sheeting and washes well.
4 Star
I am preparing for the arrival of our grandchild. The baby hasn't as yet used this product and I am sure this product will give the baby the extra comfort needed. Thank you.
excellent quality and a great innovation
I have purchased this one for a new grandchild, having purchased one earlier to use in my home when the grandchildren sleep over. a very comfy bed for baby.
excellent as described, very prompt delivery,
Very easy to use and makes the portacot mattress very comfy. Granddaughter sleeps soundly for hours on it I do use a normal cot sheet over the top of it so if she spills I am not having to wash the padded sheet as often