Baby Ink Inkless Printing Kit


Create your own beautiful newborn baby foot or hand print keepsake with this no fuss, easy to use, inkless printing kit. The kit makes a fantastic gift for a first, second or third child, and is perfect for framing or to keep in baby's special memory book.

To create your keepsake, simply wipe baby's hand or foot with the inkless towelette, press down onto the reactive paper and the imprint will slowly develop.  The process is very easy to do and completely safe for you and your baby. The kit contains four sheets of A5 sized, blank reactive paper to create multiple prints or to use as practice sheets.

Pack Includes -

  • 1 x Non-toxic inkless towelette 
  • 4 x Blank A5 sized double sided special coated paper (148mm x 210mm)
  • Available in various colours

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