Belly Tunes Prenatal Earbud Adaptor System


Music can become part of your baby's life before they are even born. 

The Ola Baby Belly Tunes allows you to play music to your little bun in the oven.

Belly Tunes allows you to use your existing Apple or Samsung earbuds and transform them into adhesive baby bump speakers. Silicone pads on the speakers adhere to your baby bump to make the experience hands free. 

Speakers are a compact, non-invasive and an easy way to connect with your baby on a whole new level. Parents are able to play music, recorded messages and other sounds to their babies any time of the day. 

  • Set includes - 
    • 1 set of bellytunes speakers
    • 2 pairs of Adhesives (approx. 20 to 30 uses each)
    • 1 storage pouch
    • 1 audio splitter for simultaneous listening
  • Transforms earbuds into baby bump speakers
  • Adheres to baby bump with changeable silicone pads
  • Extra/replacement adhesives available - Click here
  • Low-profile design that is discreet under clothing
  • Easy-on, easy-off - no straps, belts or buckles
  • Note: Adult headphones and audio player not included

BellyTunes are specialised speakers that gently adhere to the belly and safely play music and sounds directly to the womb. A baby's hearing is fully developed in utero at about 20 weeks and memories begin at 30 weeks. Research has shown that babies recognise and are soothed by sounds heard in the womb.

Playing music low on the abdomen is also a proactive option to encourage a baby out of breech into the proper position. Whether it is music, soothing sounds or even loving voice messages, BellyTunes are a convenient and effective option for playing audio to the womb.

Record a story, a song, a moment and with a few simple clicks, messages can be downloaded to any audio player and shared with the baby-to-be.

Easy to use and portable, they are wearable anywhere, anytime!

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