Hevea Baby Rubber Bath Toy Set Pond


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These all natural bath toys are the natural choice for all babies.  Each toy has a texture that baby will love to hold and parents can rest assured that when the toys are soaked in baby's bath water, sucked and tasted that baby isn't getting any toxic substances from any plastic. We also love that the toys don't have any holes in the bottom, so no water can get in to go mouldy.

Hevea bathing toys are soft and malleable, yet durable. It’s easy to grasp and squeeze for even the tiniest hands, encouraging baby’s all-important early development skills.

  • 100% natural rubber - sustainably produced
  • BPA, phthalates and PVC free
  • No added colours or synthetics
  • No perforations/hole in the bottom - eliminates grime and mould build up inside 
  • Soft and tactile to the touch
  • No squeaky noise
  • The stylish packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials with Hevea signature graphics printed in soy ink
  • Handmade in Spain
  • The name "Hevea" originates from the Latin name for a genus of rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis. Meets EU standard EN71
  • Size: Toys range from 5cm to 8cm(H)

**Please ensure Hevea products are dried properly after each use. Ensuring the bottom is not left damp when not in use. Mould may build up on the outside of products if not dried completely.

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