Janod Magnetic Wooden Toy UFO

$31.96 $37.95

This fabulous UFO is a cleverly designed educational toy that is also a puzzle. This unidentified flying object is made from wood and comes apart into 5 pieces. Each of the pieces have magnet connectors which encourage you to fit it back together. 

Janod is from the Jura Mountains in France, the birthplace of the French toy industry. Janod epitomises the very best of French design in its wooden toys. With its unique design and bright colours it will be a family favourite in no time at all.

Janod fosters education through play.

  • Suitable for children 2 to 6 years
  • Approximately 16cm long
  • Painted wood with powerful magnets
  • 5 pieces presented in a lovely box
  • Martian fixed in place to make suitable for under 3 years
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