Lively Living Essential Oil - Child Calming


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This boutique range of premium grade, 100% certified organic essential oil blends have been created to help enhance your life and well being. 

Essential oils are the life force of flowers and plants and can be used to address health imbalances in a holistic way. Each drop of essential oil holds so many benefits for you and your family. Sourced from farms around the globe and purchased directly from the growers themselves where ever possible, ensures the highest quality product. These oils are great for mental health, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, and so much more. 

When essential oils are used in an ultrasonic diffuser the oils are further enhances byt he high frequency vibrations and waves. Allowing the oils to be diffused into the air and gently support you and your family. 

Child Calming is the perfect oil for a restless soul. By helping to create a calming environment this blend is perfect for your family when things are getting stressful. This blends has been designed to help remove nervous tension and anxieties. Chamomile aids in calming the central nervous system to allow the body to breathe easy and work its way through various situations. 

Diffuse this oil around your home before big days of school or childcare, when daily stresses come home or when you are feeling overwhelmed. This blend is designed for the whole family not just your little ones. 

  • 15ml bottle
  • 100% certified organic
  • Blend includes: lavender, sweet orange, mandarin and roman chamomile

Lavender has a harmonising effect, it helps to relieve nervous tension, anxiety and promote a restful nights sleep. Lavender also has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that make it perfect for defending the body.

Sweet Orange has a high content of antioxidants, helping with sleep and alleviate tummy upsets. It is a perfect oil for its detoxifying properties and boosts immunity.

Mandarin is known to sooth restlessness, especially in hyperactive children and may promote a feeling of ease and contentment.

Roman Chamomile is considered one of the gentlest of essential oil. Know to calm the senses and central nervous system. 

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