Milestone Toddler Cards

$9.96 $29.95

Children grow way too fast. Milestone Toddler Cards let you record all their milestone in the easiest and most stylish way. Learning to jump, throwing and catching balls, eating with own spoon and fork, climb the stairs and many more highlights are included in this pack of cards.

The truth is, many parents just don't get around to filling in the baby journal. But with Milestone Toddler Cards, you can instantly snap a quick pic (totally Insta-worthy). You can even write the date on the card and keep the cards in their box as an extra keepsake. Too easy!

  • Box contains 30 cards
  • Includes all the important milestones for child between the age 1-4
  • Printed on quality card stock with eco friendly ink
  • Includes a little poster with all the cards
  • Card size approx. 15 x 10.5cm

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