Petit Collage Board Game - Animal Friends


Knock, knock! Who is there? Guess which guest is arriving by the door. A cute take on classic game of deduction, ask questions, flip the windows and guess who's there.

Set up board game upright, flip the windows and get ready to play! Each player draws a character card and place it in front of the board. Don't let the other player see it!

Take turns asking each other a yes or no question such as "Are you wearing a hat?", "Do you play a musical instrument?" and so on. Eliminate characters that does not fit the criteria as determined by the questions by flipping around the window.  Keep asking questions and eliminate characters as you go. The winner would guess the correct character first.

  • Set includes: 1 double sided  board game with flip windows, 16 character cards
  • Box allows for easy clean-up & storage
  • Made with recycled materials and printed with vegetable inks
  • Suitable for ages 4-8
  • Perfect for 2 players
  • Average play time is 10 minutes
  • Develops problem solving, memory strengthening & attention to details
  • Box size: 30 x 30 x 4cm
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