Petit Collage Board Game Pack Your Bags!


Is your little one going on their first trip? Not sure how to encourage the packing a getting ready process? 

Petit Collage has created the perfect game to encourage your little ones when it comes to packing and getting ready for a hooliday. 

Be the first player to find all the right items for your trip. You do not want a suit case filled with beach wear when you are heading to the snow!

Each player is given a suitcase for their own holiday; ski, beach, hiking and tourist. As each player has their turn they select an item out of the bag (according their roll of the dice), if it matches they get to keep it. If the item does not match it is returned to the bag and it is the next players turn. LOOK OUT! If you select the pair of stinky soxs from the bag you lose an already matching item. 

This game is perfect for ages 4-8 (no reading required)

  • 20 clothing items, 1 draws string bag, 4 suitcase cards and one dice 
  • Large box makes for easy clean up, even for your little ones
  • Average game play is 20 minutes
  • Made with 80% recycled content and printed with vegetable inks
  • Suitable for ages 4-8
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