Senger Naturwelt Cuddly Animal Goose Large - White


Children's first friend takes a very special place and often irreplaceable. 

This Senger Naturwelt cuddly animal pillow is made to be loved, a perfect faithful friend for your child. 

The animal comes with a pillow filled with spelt chaff, placed within the animal belly secured with a zipper. On a cold day, take this pillow out, gently heat it up in the oven and place it back inside its belly. 

  • Material: organic cotton outer layer, lambswool filling & mohair
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Spelt chaff pillow can be gently warmed in low oven (max 75 degree Celcius)  wrap heat pack in linen or cotton towel before heating
  • Size approx: 80 x 69 x 17cm

WARNING:  Spelt Chaff pillow is NOT MICROWAVEABLE due to fire risk

Made in Germany, Senger products are not only cuddly  toys, they are a piece of very good, authentic and loving handwork with great sensitivity to the level of manufacturing and the quality of the  selected materials.  Senger Naturwelt raw materials are sourced in Germany and only natural materials with highest ecological standards are used. The entire range of Senger Naturwelt is also lovingly handcrafted. The constant quality of their products and its “timelessness“ build friendships and connections which last a lifetime. 

Senger Naturwelt toys are handmade from natural materials, including organic cotton & wool. Handwash only (outer layer only).

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