TeeBee Toy Box Grey


TeeBee box is an adorable carry on box for your little ones' favourite toys. This cute triangular shaped box comes with sorting tray as well as a removable brick plate which is suitable for use with Lego. Its large middle compartment is generously sized for kids' bits and bobs for easy reach.

The unique triangle shape of the TeeBee box allows kids to place the box between their legs in the car or on a plane, transforming it into a lap tray so the kiddies can play with their favourite toys.

Not only is the TeeBee perfect for Lego, Pokemon cards, beads, drawing kits and so much more, you can also use the box for lunch and snacks on the go.

  • Removable leather strap included for easy carrying 
  • Eye stickers included for personalisation
  • Includes removable brick plate, suitable for Lego (fits perfectly in one of the trays)
  • 1x sorting tray
  • 1x large storage in the centre
  • Lid opens to create 2 trays
  • Perfect for Lego, Pokemon cards, lunch box, figurines and much much more
  • Ideal for family vacations, cafes, park... anywhere!
  • Fabulous for storage, grab and go their fave things just before you go out
  • Quality non-toxic materials (Durable BPA Free)
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs+

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