Wee Gallery Cloth Books - Swing Slow Sloth


Unfold this beautiful cloth book and meet Swing Slow Sloth. Children will love the high contrast bold lines of this black and white cloth book.

Swing Slow Sloth is a great introduction to different animals and textures for young infants. The soft book marries fresh design with engaging content

  • Repeating patterns to stimulate visual development in young infants
  • High contrast black and white images suitable for young babies
  • Soft touch and feel cloth
  • Crinkle paws
  • One side features little Sloth swinging around
  • Another side of the book features colourful images of Sloth's precious friends
  • Beautifully boxed, perfect for gift
  • A beautiful ‘Baby’s First Soft Book’
  • Created for your child by Wee Gallery
  • Box measurement (cm): 17(L) x 13(W) x 5(D) 

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      About Wee Gallery

      Wee Gallery sees like babies. Newborns and young babies are attracted to black-and-white high contrast image. Such images are proven to stimulate newborns' sense of sight which is rapidly developing since birth. Wee Gallery prides itself in being eco conscious and works with fair trade certified manufacturers.

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