Bare Mum Warm & Cool Insert for Breasts


Bare Mum Warm & Cool Insert for Breasts is designed to provide soothing heat and/or cooling relief.

Designed to be paired with Bare Mum Postpartum Bralette, the reusable insert fits in the inner openings of the bra to relieve discomfort associated with breastfeeding & engorged breasts

  • Provide cooling relief & warm comfort
  • Cool Therapy for relief from engorgement & swelling, Heat Therapy to assist with milk production and let-down
  • Pliable even when frozen
  • Reusable & Hand-washable
  • Contains non-toxic gel & real botanical
  • TGA certified, Ob-Gyn & Midwife approved

To Heat: Microwave for 10 seconds or submerge in hot water. If needed, reheat in 5 seconds increment.

To Cool: Freeze for 1 hour or submerge in icy water.

Always test temperature before application. 

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