Meke Baby Milk Warmer


Meke Baby Milk Warmer is a convenient portable milk warmer that heats breastmilk or formula in matter of minutes.

  • Dedicated temperature control processor so that liquid are heated slowly & precisely to avoid damaging critical nutrients in milk
  • Retains heat up to 9 hours
  • Heats to max temp of 50 deg C
  • Great for on-the-go & overnight feeds
  • Material: BPA Free  Tritan
  • Rechargeable battery 4400mAh lithium-ion, charge using USB Type C (use SV/2A Adaptor)
  • Lock button lid to prevent spill
  • Thick silicone gasket for easy carrying
Q: “Temperature”

What temperature should I be setting the warmer at?

The recommended temperature to serve breastmilk or formula milk is 37ºC (98ºF) which is lukewarm and the natural temperature produced by mothers milk.​

If you want your baby's milk to be warmer, it's recommended to set the temperature a few degrees higher, around 42ºC, since the warmer is programmed to display 2-3 degrees lower than its actual temperature​

Why does the temperature fluctuate?

The temperature fluctuation is completely normal and is part of the warmer's process of heating the milk safely to ensure even heating and no hot spots. When the warmer reaches the set temperature, it will sound a beep to indicate it's ready

Q: “Charging”

The Meke Milk device comes with a USB type C cable, which you can use to charge it. However, you must use a 5V 2A adapter for charging and avoid using an iPhone charger as it has the potential to damage the power board. This device has a built-in 4400mAH battery that requires approximately 4-5 hours to get fully charged. For optimal usage, we suggest charging it to 100% before you head out for the day.

Q: “How long can I keep my breastmilk warm?”

To prevent any possible decrease in nutritional quality and potential contamination, it is not advisable to keep breastmilk or formula milk warmed for prolonged periods. It is essential to consume it within 2 hours of warming for optimal safety and nutrition for your infant. According to current guidelines, breastmilk should not be heated more than once.​

If you require the warmer for an extended period of 4-8 hours, it is recommended to store your milk in a cooler bag until you are ready to heat it. It is crucial to adhere to food safety guidelines and industry best practices when storing and handling breastmilk.

Q: “How do you clean Meke Milk?”

Maintaining the cleanliness of our warmers is extremely easy. Simply rinse them with warm water and soap after each use, then sterilise by pouring boiling hot water. However, if hot water isn't available when you're on the move, we suggest using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, which can be either sprayed or poured into the bottle and left to dry in the air.