Ceres Chill Milkstache


Ceres Chill Milkstache is a breastmilk freezer storage system that allows freezing & defrosting just the right about for bub.

Milkstache has 4 x Trays that can hold 12 x 0.5ounce cubes (29.5ml) each

  • No more disposable bags
  • Include: 1 Milkstache Outer  Box that holds 4 x lidded Trays, Silver pen to write date on Milkstache
  • Cube easy to pop up due to silicone flexible bottom
  • Made from highest quality  materials 
  • Lid & Trays made from Platinum Silicone
  • Plastic chest & clasp list made from BPA, Lead, PVC and Phthalates free plastic

Ceres Chill Milkstache user guide can be viewed here