EverEarth Wooden Clock


Learn numbers, shapes, time and colours with this fun, interactive and educational wooden clock from Everearth. Each number is a different shaped piece to help with shape, number and colour recognition. The moveable 'hands' in the centre and the 60 minute markings around the edge help to show various times to make learning even easier and fun. 

Children are able to build concentration, develop motor skills and learn the time with this fun and interactive clock. 

  • Size: 23cm(H) x 23cm(W) x 3cm(D)
  • Packaging and Product is made from renewable forests (Beech wood)
  • Non toxic paints & dyes
  • Suitable for children 2+years

Why choose EverEarth?

This line of toys was created keeping not only the safety of our Earth in mind, but also the safety of our children. The EverEarth line is kid-safe, eco friendly, and is made from renewable forests.

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