Jack N Jill Bio Toothbrush - Bunny


Jack N Jill are a cruelty free company bringing cute and natural products into your little ones life right from the very begining. 

This toothbrush is made from biodegradable corn starch with nylon bristles. 

Once the tooth brush has fulfilled its purpose, break off the brush head and pop the handle into your compost. The handle will take approximately 1 year to break down into a chalk like stick in a home compost or 90 days in a commercial compost. The nylon bristles are able to be recycled, make sure you check with your local recycling programs accordingly. 

The brush has rounded superior cleaning nylon bristles are soft for young gums.

  • Encourages healthy brushing 
  • Ergonomic handle for little hands
  • Handle made from 100% Corn Starch (Non GMO)
  • Handle breaks down in compost bin
  • Tooth brush should be rinsed. Shake off excess water before and after use
  • Store tooth brush upright to allow bristles to air dry 
  • Tooth brush should be replaced every 6-8 weeks, after illness, or once showing signs of wear

To sterilise:

  • Rinse bristles
  • Shake of excess water
  • Place toothbrush head down in cup
  • Pour enough hydrogen peroxide 3%** to cover head and bristles
  • Leave for 10 minutes
  • Rinse bristles under tap
  • Shake off excess water - store in cup with the head up to allow bristles to air dry
  • Sterilise once weekly
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