Treasure Bowl - Blue and Yellow

$19.96 $28.95

Mix up dinner time with this fun and interactive Treasure Bowl from Mighty Small. Hide little treasures in the bottom of the bowl as a reward after your little ones have eaten all their veggies.  

Simply add your small treat in the bottom, place the false base in the bottom and add your child's dinner. Once they have eaten all the goodness inside they are able to take out the false bottom to reveal the treat at the bottom. 

  • 9+ months
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all meal portions
  • Happily and easily fits a variety of sized treats
  • A handy moat to capture any rogue food or sauce
  • Heat resistant lid to keep your treat cool and meal hot
  • Sticky grip base to stop awkward slip disasters
  • BPA free

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