Wee Gallery Lacing Cards - Baby Animals


Wee Gallery inspires creativity! Dress up these adorable signature Wee Gallery baby animals in colourful laces. 

The six sturdy, thick and durable board lacing cards help develop and encourage hand-eye coordination, motor skills, colour identification, dexterity and a little bit of fashion sense. 

Each animal will look fabulous at home, out and about or put up on the wall for all to see. 

  • Favourite Wee Gallery style we all love
  • Small and compact for trips and outings
  • Includes: 6 cards, six colourful laces and a box to keep it all together
  • Approx. 12 x 9 cm in size – perfect for little hands to hold
  • Suitable for 3 Years+
  • Stimulation and creativity for your little one
  • Makes a gorgeous gift

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About Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery sees like babies. Newborns and young babies are attracted to black-and-white high contrast image. Such images are proven to stimulate newborns' sense of sight which is rapidly developing since birth. Wee Gallery prides itself in being eco conscious and works with fair trade certified manufacturers.