Wee Gallery Crinkle Book Peekaboo Pets


Take a peek inside the Wee Gallery Crinkle Peekaboo Pets and seek all your favourite animals. Open out the soft pages of this beautiful, sensory-rich organic cloth book to explore the world of the sea, and play peekaboo with Whale, Oyster and Ray Fish.

Explore the forest world with fox, squirrel and owl in a book that is designed with high contrast patterns to stimulate and benefit baby's developing vision. Presented in a sweet gift box, the pages are made with extra padding for an ultra-soft feel, making them ideal for the pram or play mat - and they're machine washable!

  • High contrast images suitable for young babies
  • Crinkle flaps for sensory play stimulating babies'sense
  • Organic cotton, presented in gift box for giving
  • Machine washable
  • Created for your child by Wee Gallery
  • Box measurement (cm): 17(L) x 13(W) x 5(D)

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About Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery sees like babies. Newborns and young babies are attracted to black-and-white high contrast image. Such images are proven to stimulate newborns' sense of sight which is rapidly developing since birth. Wee Gallery prides itself in being eco conscious and works with fair trade certified manufacturers.