Bare Mum Nipple Balm 50g


Bare Mum Nipple Balm is a deeply restorative balm that repairs the skin barrier to relieve sore and damaged nipples.  Cooling ceramic applicator brings soothing relieve & avoids cross contamination.

  • Non stick formula gentle for mum, safe for baby
  • Non stick glide-on formula, suitable for soothing damaged nipple, surface cuts, minor burns, chapped lips & lubricating breast pumps
  • Cooling ceramic applicator, practical & hygienic - no need for finger dipping
  • Australian made from all natural & organic ingredient
  • Midwife & Lactation consultant approved


1. Cleanse affected nipples with warm water or normal saline

2. Apply directly onto nipples and gently massage where needed with the flat tip applicator

3. Allow skin to air dry as much as possible or use nipple shells to protect nipples from further irritation

Due to hygiene reason, not available for return or exchange.

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