Haakaa Breastfeeding Nipple Shield Round

$25.96 $27.95

Haakaa breastfeeding nipple shield is made from 100% soft silicone to allow mother to continue breastfeeding that could be a challenge due to cracked nipple, inverted nipple or pain caused by baby biting down or pulling away nipple during feeding.

  • Secure coverage & suction favoured by new mums
  • Extended baby bottle teat to protect mums' nipple
  • Suitable for mums unable to feed rue to sore, cracked nipple, mixed feeding baby or transitioning to bottle feeding
  • One piece design with anti-slip ridged outer edge

Wash before & after each use. Dishwasher safe but handwash recommended in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Do NOT use bleach-based cleaners or tablets to sterilise. Use steam steriliser or boil in water for 2-3 minutes.

Check product condition regularly, replace with any sign of damage. Do not store near sharp objects.

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