Lively Living Essential Oil - Winter Rescue

Lively Living Essential Oil - Winter Rescue

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This boutique range of premium grade, 100% certified organic essential oil blends have been created to help enhance your life and well being. 

Essential oils are the life force of flowers and plants and can be used to address health imbalances in a holistic way. Each drop of essentail oil holds so many benefits for you and your family. Sourced from farms around the globe and purchased directly from the growers themselves where ever possible, ensures the highest quality product. These oils are great for mental health, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, and so much more. 

When essential oils are used in an ultrasonic diffuser the oils are further enhances byt he high frequency vibrations and waves. Allowing the oils to be diffused into the air and gently support you and your family. 

Winter Rescue focuses on two important aspects of your families health and wellbeing. The tea tree and eucalyptus oils help combat the symptoms of respiritry congestion, sinus and breathing issues, as well as purify the air you breathe. The lavender oil helps to soothe and calm the body aso that you and your family can get the best rest, allowing you to recover quickly. 

This is the perfect oil to diffuse at night as winter is coming. It is a powerful and nurturing blend that will help combat the signs of colds and viruses all year round. Simply add a few drops to your diffuser and let the blend restore health in your body. 


Eucalyptus helps clense the body of toxins and harmful micro-organisms that may cause you to feel unwell.

Lavender has a harmonising effect, it helps to relieve nervious tension, anxiety and promote a restful nights sleep. Lavender also has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that make it perfect for defending the body.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is well documented to destroy many strains of bacteria and viruses. It is a natural antiseptic, helping to clense the air you breathe. 

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