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FAQ - Silverette

Choosing size

Silverette® come in two sizes - regular and XL. Before the XL was available, the regular was all that was available and they were a "one-size-fits-most".

The XL size has been on the market since 2020 and the feedback from mum's around the world is that the XL size is now the size-that-fits-most.

Regardless of size, they will work as intended. The only difference is the comfort factor. It is only the diameter of the cup that varies. The height is the same (the space between the nipple and the cup).

If you are looking at the sizing chart and are right on the cusp, go XL. Keep in mind that your breasts will grow throughout pregnancy and even more so when your milk comes in, so go for the size you think you will be post-birth/when you start breastfeeding. This is the period when you'll be wearing the cups the most.

If you are buying them as a gift and are not sure what size to get, go XL. Our recommendation is that XL will cater for all breast and areola sizes.

Using Silverette cups

The cups are worn under your nursing bra or even if you plan on using absorbent breast pads, just place the breast pad over Silverette cups and your bra will hold everything in place.

  1. Express a couple of drops of milk in each cup and place the cup directly over the nipple, securing the cup with the nursing bra.
  2. Prior to breastfeeding, remove the cups and clean the nipples with warm water or a water wipe. Once feeding is completed, rinse the cups with warm water, pat dry and repeat step 1 of the process in-between feeds.

When should I start using Silverette

We recommended that Silverette® should be used during the lactation period for preventative measures. It is designed to be used in between nursing sessions, and is recommended to be worn continuously until breastfeeding is established without any pain or damage.

It can be used pre and postnatal as a preventative measure for sensitive nipples, as well as for nipples that have been damaged from expressing milk.

Cleaning & Care

Silver is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents. As a result, a quick rinse with warm water between feeds is sufficient to clean the cups.

The cups can tarnish over time due to the natural oxidisation process that occurs in silver, however it is still safe and effective to use.  To remove the tarnish, make a paste using a mix of bicarbonate of soda (one teaspoon) with a few drops of water.  Rub the paste over the cups, rinse and pat dry. 

Although not required, the cups can be cleaned using mild base soap (recommended handwash soap).

Do not use any harsh detergents, bleach-based agents, sterilising tablets or hard scourers to clean the cups. 

Polishing Silverette

Natural oxidisation may occur over time when using the Silverette® cups. This is when the silver develops a brass yellow colour. Rest assure this is normal and it is important for users to know the cups are still effective and most importantly safe to use for mum and baby.