Padded Travel Cot Sheet Small


UrbanBaby Travel Cot Sheets make it easier for parents to make a safer, more comfortable bed for their babies when away from home.

With many benefits including 100% cotton sheeting, our original envelope design is safe and easy to fit, fits all travel cot bases and is also double sided.

  • Beautiful high quality 100% cotton sheeting.
  • Padded & fitted underlay & sheet all-in-one.
  • Replaces bulky & dangerous foam mattress.
  • Original envelope design ensures perfect fit for most travel cot bases
  • Easy to fit and easy on your back
  • Double sided; saves washing whilst on holiday
  • Can be used as a play-mat
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Australian design
  • 2 sizes available
  • Size: width up to 65cm and up to 100cm long. (Padded area approx. 85cm long)
  • Colour: White
  • Flexible fit - designed for compact travel cots
  • 100% cotton outer. Poly-cotton lining. Dacron Padding.
  • Fully machine washable
  • Designed in Australia

Beautifully finished, and made from quality 100% cotton sheeting, the set includes one fully padded base/fitted sheet and comes in a handy draw-string bag, with room to hold any extra bedding or a sleeping bag.

The sheet eliminates the need for a separate foam mattress. It will also remove the scratching noise that can occur when an ordinary cot sheet rubs against the fabric of the travel cot base, and it can also improve baby's comfort by providing a ventilation buffer from the waterproof fabric covered base. The padded underlay is sewn in under the sheet so there is no uncomfortable quilting against baby's skin.

The unique fitted envelope design is safe, as it is impossible for baby to pull the sheet away from the base and get under the padding. This design is also very easy to fit, eliminating any back strain whilst bending over the cot.

This-all in-one handy sheet is also two sided to save on washing whilst on holidays - and easily turned over in case of a little midnight accident.

Luxuriously soft and comfortable, an UrbanBaby padded travel cot sheet really does make the travel cot more comfortable for your child and greatly increases the chance of a good night sleep for everyone; just what you need when you're on a holiday.

*Also avaliable in larger size

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